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small receipts bookkeeping management spreadsheet

This customized for truckers small receipt data capture spreadsheet, is provided FREE to clients for use in sending us their small receipts expense information

This customized set of worksheets, makes it easy for truckers to send all of the standard size business papers using the Fax upload system and use this spreadsheet system to capture and send us the small receipts. (Meals and Diesel Fuel)

With this paperless bookkeeping with spreadsheet support system, Truckers simply enter income and expenses in customized income and expense worksheet fields on a monthly basis and send us the workbook.

Send by email or by using our secure upload system.



This customized for truckers data capture system is easy to use. 

 system includes - 6 worksheet:

► a Canadian expense data capture worksheet

► A U.S. Funds Expense data capture Worksheet

► A Meals and Entertainment Expense Capture Worksheet

► A Home-office expense data capture worksheet

► Auto expense - Support data capture worksheet


No double entry bookkeeping functions to perform

No columns to total

► no formatting required

Just enter your income and expenses.  

No manual calculations to identify GST/HST amounts paid.

Just enter the total invoice or expense receipts and our in-house system will capture the GST/HST paid in each province as applicable


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