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Welcome to TruckersBooks

A Bookkeeping Information Management and Control System Software for Truckers

TruckersBooks ia an easy to use spreadsheet bookkeeping software designed specifically for Truckers by the Trucktax team, to give Truckers a business edge of being able to know the numbers on a monthly basis with a click of the computer mouse.

All you will have to do to use TruckersBooks to take charge of your bookkeeping information and the source documents, is enter your income and expense each month in the spreadsheet columns already designed to accommodate the various trucking and related business expenses you will or could have.  The software program will do the rest. 

We bring our over 28 years of bookkeeping for truckers into the design and development of this program, to give truckers an easy way to stay in control of the business source documents and have quick access to professional reports on a monthly basis with a click of the mouse.

Our focus in the program design was to make it simple, yet comprehensive with ready reports and financial analysis summaries that are all about Trucking and Knowing the numbers on a monthly basis.

Using our experience doing bookkeeping for Truckers, we designed the program so you donít need any accounting or bookkeeping knowledge or experience to use and benefit from the program. 

No double entry bookkeeping function required, just enter your income and expenses in the customized for truckers spreadsheet columns and the software will do the rest.

In addition, we have built in an IFTA-Fuel-Tax driver trip information report that will automate the driver trip report preparation process for truckers who currently prepare a paper trip report form for their IFTA service provider agent. 

This way, at the end of each month you can simply print a copy of this report and send it to your service provider.  This report is automatically created as you enter your trip miles and/or kilometers in the spreadsheet.

As you enter this information, the system will bring more meaning to your monthly business operating activities by preparing an operating statement (profit/Loss) and analysis of:

  • Income per mile/kilometer

  • Cost per mile/kilometer

  • Profit/Loss per mile/kilometer,

This way, if you have to file IFTA returns or State fuel tax returns, you will have the required information as well as an IFTA trip summary report, which will eliminate the need to fill-out a separate Driver-Trip-Report form. 

This easy-to-use Bookkeeping Management Software for Truckers will summarize the income and expense information you enter in the spreadsheets columns designed to meet the various expense categories required for truckers.

 The bottom-line benefit to using this software is the time and cost savings.

  • You could see save up to $600.00 per year on your bookkeeping fees.

    Reason: On a monthly basis, instead of providing your accountant or bookkeeper with your business information for processing in paper format, you will be able to simply provide your bookkeeper/accountant with a copy of your TruckersBooks spreadsheet each month.

    You will be saving your accountant or bookkeeper time and reducing their cost of providing you with quarterly reports and filing your HST returns or estimated tax return if you are a US Truckers.

    You will also simplify the year-end financial statement and tax preparation process.

     This will result in lowering your bookkeeping and tax services fee.

  • You will save time. If you usually package and send your business information to your bookkeeper or accountant on a monthly basis, you will no longer have to spend your time doing that or having to pay the related postage or courier cost to send the information.

With this software, you can send a copy of your spreadsheet to your accountant or bookkeeper by clicking on the customized send button from any worksheet in the software

  •  You will have a printer ready Operating Statement (Profit or Loss) that you can print each month if you need fast access to this information for a meeting with your Leasing company or Banker.

Just imagine how impressed Your Banker or Lease Financing manager will be if you are sitting in their office discussing a new equipment acquisition and can display a current Profit-Loss or Cash Flow statement  from your laptop computer right there in the office without having to call your accountant or bookkeeper. 

That is called being in charge.  It is also demonstrates to your banker or financing manager that you are in-touch with your business and the numbers.

Save time, reduce costs and easily make informed decisions by knowing your numbers. 

To help you to easily know your numbers, we have built in some unique operating results summary reports so that on a monthly or quarterly basis, you will know your numbers, without having to do any manual calculations:

  • Your Income per mile or Kilometer

  • Your cost per mile or Kilometer

  • Your profit per mile or Kilometer

  • Your fuel cost per mile or Kilometer

With this TruckersBooks bookkeeping Spreadsheet Software, you will also an easy way of checking the profitability of a load before you drive over to pick-up the load.

You will be able to simply go to the Load Profit Manager worksheet, plug in the amount you are offered to deliver the load, plug in the total miles or kilometers for the delivery roundtrip and your software will give you the information you need to decide if a load will be profitable and you do not have to do the math.

The information that the system will give you includes:

  • Total fuel you will use for the trip

  • Your fuel cost per mile or kilometer

  •  Your total cost per mile or kilometer for that round trip

  • Your total trip cost

  • Total trip profit

  • Total trip profit per mile or kilometer

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