The paper documents Fax upload System


This Fax Upload System will make it easy for truckers to send the business papers to us for processing Using any FAX Machine from anywhere, in Canada or the United.

This way truckers will not have to know how to scan a document and save it to their computer desktop.  Instead, they will simply feed the original paper source document into or on any fax machine and send their business papers for bookkeeping processing to us.

Truckers can Fax daily, weekly or monthly

We provide a Fax cover sheet at the service start up, with a client account number assigned


Always add your name and business name to Fax cover sheet and the send date


When sending batches, keep the total pages per batch at 25 pages maximum.


NOTE to Accountants

1.     Our Bookkeeping Business process management service system, will enhance your truckers bookkeeping service delivery productivity and cost. This way your profit per client will increase without you having to invest in any new systems.

2.  Our service will function as a true Undisclosed Back office for your accounting practice.

3.  In other words, we will optimize your company's business processes.

4.   It is argued that BPM will enable accountants to be more efficient, more effective and more capable of growing a larger Truckers client base at significantly lower cost with greater revenue


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