Tax Reporting

We specialize in providing tax reporting services and support to owner operator truckers and truck drivers and have been doing so for over 25 years.

Tax services include, personal tax T1, Corporation Tax T2 and tax compliance management and the filing of GST/HST returns, with a copy of the return filed confirmation report, delivered to our clients email in box.  

If you are not currently a client and looking for an experienced truckers Tax filing and tax compliance team,  we can help.

To retain our tax compliance management, tax preparation and tax filing services click the contact us link to have one of our new client CPA contact you.

However, if you are ready to get started, click the get started link and provide the the information applicable to your business and you and click send. 

An account manager will contact you to review and verify the information and get your bookkeeping and tax management account set up on our system.


 The Year-end Tax reporting

Tax returns are completed and deposited in our cloud server with a download link sent to your email address.

Simply click the link and download your return filed confirmation and copy of the returns for your file.

This way, in the event of a call from CRA telling you the return or returns were not filed, you will have copies of the return, or returns filed that you can resend to cancel any failure to file return claim, by CRA.

However, if you are unable to find your copies of the requested return, call us or use the contact form to submit a request. 

The Tax Reporting Team

The Tax reporting team are made up of CPA accountants in our network located in cities across Canada and the USA.  This way, for year-end filings, if required, we make it easy for you to meet with an accountant near you. 

Bookkeeping Management

Prior to preparing and filing your tax returns, you will need to have your bookkeeping information processed and tax filing ready.

If you are behind on your bookkeeping, we can help get your bookkeeping ready for tax filings. Click the Catch-up-Bookkeeping link to read more about our tax filing management support.

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