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Take control of the bookkeeping-side of trucking

and save money, with truckersbooks software

TruckersBooks Software is an easy-to-use Customized for Truckers Bookkeeping Management Software designed to make it easy for Truckers to Cut their Bookkeeping service cost and save money by taking control of the bookkeeping side of trucking and have professional monthly financial reports, without any prior bookkeeping experience, or having to call an accountant or bookkeeper,.

With TuckersBooks software you simply enter your income and expenses and the system does it all for you.  It automatically create a set of printer ready financial reports from the business income and expenses entered on a monthly basis.

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In addition, built into the software are two special Month-end reports, designed for use by your service provider.  Report-1, the accountants report.  Report-2, the IFTA report for truckers IFTA registered.

These monthly reports will make it easy for truckers to send their monthly business information to their accountant, to their bookkeeper or IFTA service provider as data instead of paper.

A true Hassle-Free Bookkeeping Management System for Truckers

To further enhance the user benefit in the software, we have built into the system an easy to use a one-page Broker Statement bookkeeping Auditor to allow truckers to easily verify the accuracy of their driver pay settlement, without having to do any manual calculations.  

Click this (Demo) for a quick view of the Broker Statement Auditor. 

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          Why should you want to take control.

To simplify the bookkeeping information management task

To make your business Tax Audit ready at all times

To reduce your annual bookkeeping service fees

To know your numbers on a monthly basis.

Your operating profit/loss numbers

Your cash flow status

This customized spreadsheet bookkeeping management system for truckers is easy-to-use and requires no accounting or bookkeeping experience.

As a trucker, you are required to prepare a lot of paper reports including a driver trip report, a driver log and more.

If you can fill-out these forms to create these reports for your Carrier management and DOT compliance, you can use the TruckersBooks Bookkeeping Management System to take control of the bookkeeping-side of your business and always know your numbers.

How you will do it:

As you truck across Canada and the United States and accumulate the various business income and expense receipts and invoices, instead of putting them in your pocket or in a folder, to send by courier or mail to your accountant or bookkeeper on a monthly basis, do the following instead.

Open your computer

Start the TruckersBooks program

Enter the expense amount total from the bottom-line of the road expense invoices or receipts in the customized expense column that describes the type of expense the invoice or receipt represents.

You do not have to separate GST/HST amounts from the invoices or receipts.  The system does that for you. Just enter the totals

Similarly, if you are a short haul trucker, you could do this at the end of the day from your home office.

When done, print the document management form from the system, attach the receipts and invoices you just entered or entered during the month and file this away for future audit support if required.

It is that easy to take control of the bookkeeping-side of trucking.

Plus, by taking control you will significantly reduce your bookkeeping service cost, and have professional financial reports on a monthly basis, without bookkeeping experience or having to call your accountant or bookkeeper.

In addition, as a TruckersBooks Software user, you can access Live Support with one phone call to: TruckersBooks: Phone: (888) 456-6504

Alternatively, you can sign-up for our monthly bookkeeping support service designed specifically for our bookkeeping software users.

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