Paperless Bookkeeping Service and support Fees

The comparison chart is designed to help you decide which of our easy to use bookkeeping service system best fits your needs and cost savings objectives.

TruckersBooks Software Purchase and
Support System

Scan and Upload

TruckersBooks On-Line Bookkeeping Information Submit System

One-time software
 Purchase and
Licensing fee



 One-Time Setup Fee



Optional Bookkeeping
 Service include
GST-HST Filings




Benefits of the paperless system beyond cost savings.

The paperless system will give you more control over your business information and source documents. 

You will no longer have to package and send or deliver these original source documents to an accountant or bookkeeper.  Instead, you will always be in charge.

In addition, our paperless system can provide you with some quick operating results information and some unique business tools just a click of the mouse away.

 How to go Paperless without Monthly Bookkeeping Support

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