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   Paperless On-Line Bookkeeping

Trucktax is currently the only bookkeeping for truckers company that provides an easy to use online bookkeeping system for truckers, designed to lower your bookkeeping fees.

This on-line bookkeeping system for truckers is designed to reduce your annual bookkeeping and year-end tax services fee by to 40%. 

All you do is login at the info-submit-login link, which will take you to the the Bookkeeping on-line bookkeeping information submit ledger, where you simply enter your income and expenses in the appropriate expense category, as well as your total miles or kilometer for the month or period and click the submit button at the bottom of the page.

It is that simple.

► No bookkeeping experience required

► No double entry accounting required

► No software to buy or invest in

► No software to install on your computer

► No software to learn

This online bookkeeping information submit ledger system, gives Owner-Operator Truckers the opportunity to perform some of the bookkeeping data entry functions by entering the income and expenses in our on-line ledger and clicking the submit link when done.

This will send us your bookkeeping information for processing as data instead of paper documents and receipts as copies or originals by mail or courier.

Keep in mind, if you receive a broker statement from your carrier company, you can save data entry time by sending us a copy of the summary page by Fax to our Toll-Free Fax number.

The benefits to you goes beyond reducing your bookkeeping fees.

You get to keep your original bookkeeping information
    source documents at your home or office.

► You will be able to send your bookkeeping information to us
    at anytime 24/7 at your convenience.

Just log-on using your secure user-name and password
from the comfort of your home-office or from a truck stop
    while waiting for a load.

Unique to the online bookkeeping system is the  document submitted for processing verification feature. Once you click the submit link sending us the information, this feature is activated.

It will pop-up a data submitted verification report, showing the income and expense information you submitted, with a message instructing you to print the report and attach it to the receipts and invoices you just entered and file it.


How it works:

We setup your company in our online system:

With an easy to remember User-Name and Password for secure access

This gives you the opportunity to submit your bookkeeping business information for processing, 24/7 from any computer with Internet access by going to the On-Line bookkeeping information submit ledger to enter and submit information to us as follows:


Enter income in the field titled income.


Enter expenses from receipts and invoices you received from all sources that will not be included on your broker settlement statement.

Entering expenses is simple

Just select the type of expense you are entering from the accounts list drop-down menu, enter the amount and when done, click submit.

Broker Settlement Statement:

If you receive a broker statement that includes operating expense deductions, simply fax these to us Toll-Free.

Other information you should send by fax or email, or upload:

Copy of your GST/HST return form page-1

Copy of your WSIB return if applicable -page-1.

Copy of Any equipment purchase or lease agreement or contract

Copy of your business Bank statement

For information on  how to enter data  Click submit procedure

To view the On-Line system click info submit ledger  

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