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truckersbooks software client Getting Started information

To get setup as a TruckersBooks software user with bookkeeping support provided by Trucktax, please click the links below, complete the forms and send these to us by fax or on-line if applicable and we will personalize the software setup for you to begin managing your business bookkeeping information.

Complete the software order form - click the link

This form includes the payment for the software and the 1st quarter bookkeeping services fee.

Complete the new client information form - click the link

On this form, you will provide the company information needed to personalize the software at setup with your company information.

Complete the Personal tax Information form - Click the link

Print, complete and sign the following forms and fax to us:

Authorization to Represent you to CRA - click the link

Authorization for Personal Tax Representation - click the link

As soon as the information forms are received, using the information provided on the software order form, we will setup your software with your business information and send the ready-to-use software to you by email, within three business days, along with the easy-to-use User Guide.

After we send you the software, one of our software service setup accountants will call you to schedule a getting-started user telephone meeting.

During this telephone meeting, he will walk you through "how to enter" your information in the spreadsheet and familiarize you with all of the features and tools designed to help bring more meaning to your business information and the bottom-line, including how to send us your spreadsheet on a monthly or quarterly basis using the customized send button.

Keep in mind that you will not have to perform any software installation or setup procedures; the software will come to you ready to use. 

Just save the file to your computer and begin.

For more information Call Toll-Free, (888) 456-6504. 

You can also read more about how this version of the system will work for you by clicking this spreadsheet Bookkeeping support information Link.


 Software Order Form   

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