Technology for Owner Operator Truckers

At TruckersBooks, we believe that the future delivery system for bookkeeping and accounting services will focus on utilizing the Internet, cloud and Emails to deliver services in a Paperless environment. 

With the technology available to us today, there is no longer any reason for an independent trucker to travel to our office or to any accountant’s office in order to have their bookkeeping and tax filings done.

Today at TruckersBooks, bookkeeping and tax services are provided utilizing the convenience of the Internet, email, fax, telephone, Skype to deliver our services in a paperless or paper-based environment.

In addition, based on client preference, regular mail or Couriers can be utilized for the movement of documents and reports to and from clients.

Most of the existing technology tools created so far created for the Independent Trucker and the trucking industry, come with a high participation and user cost.

At TruckersBooks we have changed that!  We provide two unique easy to use bookkeeping information system for the busy trucker to use as an alternative to sending all of the original paper source documents to our office.

The TruckersBooks sysyem

An easy to use spreadsheet bookkeeping information management system with unique features, designed to give the busy Trucker more control over the business information and the bottom-line.

   On-line Bookkeeping Information submit ledger  

This online business system, is designed to allow owner-operators to effectively manage their bookkeeping and tax compliance tasks, without having to take time after a busy day, week or month to meet with an accountant in an office away from his or her home or office. 

Instead, with this online technology support from TruckersBooks, this group of business owner-managers can go online and login using an assigned secure user-name and password and enter their business income for the day, or for the week and/or for the month. 

Similarly, they can enter any type of business expense by selecting from a drop-down expense menu and entering the amount.  When done, they simply click the submit button.

By clicking submit you would be sending your business income and expense information to TruckersBooks for Bookkeeping and Tax data processing and reporting.

In addition, this submit process will pop-up and Mini-Profit/Loss report on your computer as an audit verification of the information submitted. The Pop-up reports will also instruct you to print the report and attach it to the paper source documents from which you captured the information that you sent to TruckersBooks.

From this simple, small easy effort, they would begin receiving monthly or quarterly financial reports including a break-even report, and an operating analysis report.

These timely reports will help give more meaning to the business of trucking as well as confirm your compliance with the required tax reporting tasks of your business.





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