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The Bookkeeping Management Support system


Software support is designed to allow truckers to enter the income and expense information each month and send us a copy of the software to allow us to handle the management and integrity of the data and the required quarterly filings.

Under this service system, we will prepare and file your GST/HST returns and if applicable, your WSIB returns, send you copies of the return filed each quarter including a profit-or-loss statement, an operating analysis and a cash flow report.

All this, without you having to send us any of the income and expense paper source documents or other applicable business expense receipt.

However, as part of the on-going support, you can call us toll-free Monday to Saturday between 7am to 7pm for any type of applicable support and where required any document you are unable to enter in your spreadsheet, you would simply send to us by fax along with page-1 of your HST and WSIB return form as received.

This way, you will have simplified how to manage your business bookkeeping and tax preparation process and reduced your annual bookkeeping service fee.

In addition, instead of having to pack your business information and send by mail or courier to us, you would simply send a copy of the spreadsheet at the end of each month or quarter (if quarterly is your preference) with just a click of the computer mouse on the customized send button, from any worksheet in the program.

With the spreadsheet system, there is no charge for additional trucks in your fleet since you will be sending us the information using the TruckersBooks Bookkeeping Management Software.

So weather you are operating your business as a sole-proprietor or as a corporation, if TruckersBooks is providing the required bookkeeping and tax services support, your annual bookkeeping and accounting service fee cost savings could be as much as $600.00 per year.

Similarly, with other bookkeepers or accountants, if you are using this system to deliver your business information to them each month they will offer you some amount of fee reduction and cost savings off the regular fee you are now paying.

To get started using this program:

There is a one-time software Purchase and licensing fee of:  $185.00

How it works:

For more information or to buy now, Call Toll-Free, (905) 477-7773


 Software Support

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