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Truckers Bookkeeping Management System

This is an easy to use bookkeeping spreadsheet software system, designed to provide you with a simple way to reduce your bookkeeping fees and have more control over your bookkeeping information, the original source documents and the bookkeeping process.

This customized for TRUCKERS spreadsheet bookkeeping system, will allow you to easily keep an organized record of your income and operating expense information and submit a copy of the spreadsheet to your accountant or bookkeeper on a monthly basis for use in preparing and filing your quarterly HST returns and at the business year-end, prepare your corporation tax if applicable and your personal tax return.  

You do not have to be a TRUCKTAX client to use this system.

USING THIS spreadsheet system IS EASY:  

No double entry Bookkeeping required

Just enter information into the spreadsheet and the system will do the rest

No need to separate GST/HST from receipts and invoices, just enter the total invoice/receipt amount and the system will calculate the GST/HST payable or refund.

 No accounting or bookkeeping experience required

Easy to use Income and expense spreadsheets for Canadian or US Funds

  Save time and reduce bookkeeping fees:

No software installation hassles to deal with.

No software setup to figure out.

We setup your business in the software before we send it to you. 

This way, when you receive it. You are ready to begin entering your Income and/or Expense information. It is that simple. 

No accounting Jargon to learn

 No columns to total; No math to figure out; just enter information.

 No special spreadsheet experience required. Just enter your income amounts from your invoices or broker statement in the income column of the spreadsheet and click the save icon.  Do the same with expenses.

You know the the name that identifies the expense you have paid and have your receipt or invoice, so just click the expense type on the menu bar and the system will take you to to the expense column on the spreadsheet with the same expense type name and enter the full amount paid from the invoice or receipt.

Do not do any calculation for HST.  

The system automatically does the calculation and allocate the HST amount to the monthly HST report form built into the system.

This way, on a monthly basis, you will know your ITC numbers AS WELL AS your HST report bottom-line numbers.

If you can fill-out a paper form and write in columns, you can use this program.

You could reduce your bookkeeping service fees by up to $600.00, if you are a Trucktax client.

However, if you are not a Trucktax client, you will find that any bookkeeper or accountant today will gladly reduce your bookkeeping and tax services fee as a result of you providing them with a monthly spreadsheet or profit/loss report.

Similarly, you will reduce your year-end financial statement and tax return preparation fee, by being able to provide your accountant or tax preparer with ready to use financial information without the paper invoices for them to sort, categorize and figure out in order to do your books at year-end.

Take more control of your business bookkeeping information and save big-time.

Document Management

We have built in a unique document management feature to give you the tools to meet the record retention rules of the Tax agencies. In addition, by using this document management system, in the event of an audit the experience will be hassle-free.

The document management system will capture your expenses by category expense on a monthly basis and count the number of expense records you entered in each expense category and similarly capture each income entry.

How it Works:

At the end of each month after you have entered all of your income and expenses, go to the document management report and click the printer icon and the system will print a copy of the report.

Attach all of the income documents and expense receipts to this report each month and file way for document storage management.

Doing this means you will be able to easily produce the original source documents for any month including the corresponding total expenses and a document entry count of the number of items that created the totals for any type of expense for your business at any time.

You will have a big business document management system in place to support a tax audit, without having to spend hours searching for the documents required to meet the audit request for information or trying to reconstruct this information. 

In the world of tax audits, if your business information is disorganized you will in most cases fail to provide all of the required information which could result in some expenses being disallowed because you could not provide the support proof.

So go ahead.  Order your copy of the Truckers Bookkeeping Management Software and simplify your business bookkeeping management system. 

Take control of your bookkeeping and reduce your annual bookkeeping service fees.

To order your bookkeeping software, call us. We will send you a link to the software ordering page on our website, to allow you order your copy of the software.

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