Customized Software:

We created and provide truckers with a customized for truckers bookkeeping management software to make it easy for truckers to cut their bookkeeping service cost and save money by taking control of the bookkeeping side of trucking without any prior bookkeeping experience.

Live On-Line Software and Bookkeeping Support

To support truckers who purchase the software and help them transition from having to send their bookkeeper or accountant their bookkeeping information as paper, we provide a live online support training to help truckers using the software quickly master the software bookkeeping process, so as to send their accountant or bookkeeper DATA instead of PAPER.

Live On-Site Software and Bookkeeping Training

We know from our over 30 years experience providing truckers with Bookkeeping management and tax compliance reporting services, that truckers have very little time after driving and servicing their trucks, as a result, they will usually fail to take advantage of cost savings and tax saving opportunities that requires them to take time to learn more about it.

Knowing this, we created a customized software and bookkeeping management training seminar for truckers and their spouse that we host and conduct in Barbados.

This way, truckers can take the opportunity to spend quality time with the family at a resort in Barbados for a four day seminar while learning how to professionally manage their business bookkeeping and quarterly filings.

This Seminar and workshop in Barbados, is Tax Deductible.

Truckers who attend the seminar, will return to their home base with the skills to professionally manage the bookkeeping process and have printer ready access to professional financial reports on a monthly and quarterly basis, without having to call their accountant or bookkeeper.

The vacation opportunity from this software bookkeeping training is a PLUS.

Seminar Attending Convenience

To make it easy for every trucker to attend this vacation and learn opportunity in Barbados, the seminar is delivered in Two Person Workshop format as well as in 6-8 group format.

This way, truckers can easily schedule a Friday to Monday downtime to be in Barbados to learn how to save money taking control of the management of the bookkeeping side of trucking and learning how to do their own quarterly tax filings.

The Bottom-Line

Trucking today is changing. It is going paperless and there is no way to stop it. Most Carrier companies communicate by email with their Owner-Operator Brokers. Most accountant and bookkeepers prefer to receive the bookkeeping information for processing from their clients as data instead of Paper.

In the past when you ask truckers how they do their books, some would say.  " I just dump all my Sxxxxxxx into a box or envelope and send to my accountant to figure it out.  Most accountant today refuse to accept information for processing this was.

The tax departments makes it obvious that every business must have a proper bookkeeping system in place, so why not join the movement and get good at your record keeping so as to make your next tax audit hassle free.

Pick a four-day weekend and join us in Barbados

Lean to master the bookkeeping-side of your business.

Reward yourself.  Taking time-out to relax and recharge

Take time to play and learn

Tax Deductible Vacation and Bookkeeping Training Opportunity.

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