paperless Green Bookkeeping

Going green is going paperless. Your reasons for going paperless is to save money and document management hassles in the event of an audit and help preserve the environment and reduce your business operating time and costs and carbon footprint contribution to the planet.

To help you move your trucking business from paper to paperless, we created TruckersBooks. 

A unique easy-to-use Bookkeeping information management and control system software, that you would have on your desk-top or laptop computer to simply enter your income and expenses, at times that are convenient to you and file away the paper invoice and receipts using the document management system incorporated into the software.

This service system is created to provide convenient and dependable bookkeeping and tax services to our clients, while focusing on Paperless Bookkeeping that will consistently deliver accurate and reliable financial reports and tax returns to our clients, while minimizing our mutual carbon footprint and the effect our service delivery system has on the environment.

A huge factor in achieving this goal is our shift to operating a paperless business and service delivery system; utilizing available and emerging technologies that will bring enhanced service convenience to our clients. 

Under our “TruckersBooks, Bookkeeping Information management and control Software System"  you will realize immediate time and cost benefits by not having to travel to our office for meetings:

So in our collective effort, we are working to minimize our use of paper, which contributes to minimizing the use of water as each piece of paper takes approximately 10 litres of water to produce.

This green Bookkeeping service system, will contribute to the reduction in the number of trees that must be destroyed to make paper. 

In addition, our paperless green bookkeeping service system, is designed to eliminate the need for you to travel to our office, this way helping to reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the fuel you would use to travel to our office.

So, Trucktax Green Bookkeeping service is a unique paperless Bookkeeping that will also give you more control of your business documents and provide you with some instant operating information as you use the special spreadsheet we created customized for Truckers.

Features and Benefits include:

·        No office visits required. Clients no longer have to travel to our office. Instead, all meetings available via Toll-Free phone and, where applicable, via Skype. 

Telephone meetings can be scheduled anytime, Monday to Saturday with just one call. If we are unable to answer you call, simply leave us a voice message and we will return your call within two (2) hours.

·       Bookkeeping information can be sent to us from the comfort of your home as scanned documents uploaded direct to us through our website upload portal at:

                 Bookkeeping Info Upload

     or by using one of the following convenient business information delivery systems.

                 Trucktax Bookkeeping info-submit system.

                 TruckersBooks spreadsheet System

·       In addition, long-haul truckers can use this system to submit  on the road business expense information from any computer with Internet access, using either the spreadsheet program or the on-line bookkeeping info-submit system.

    This way, instead of placing these receipts in the glove compartment, or in the sleeper, or in your pocket, which usually cause these receipts to fade and result in loss deductions.

·        Under this service system, you could save up to $600.00 per year off your Bookkeeping services fee.

·        In addition, you will benefit from the convenient and easy access method of receiving financial reports and tax returns by email or by login into our secure data delivery server and downloading your financial reports and tax returns to be signed and filed (Mailed to CRA).

     If you utilize the download service feature, you will be able to store your reports on the server and login and access any report at any time without storing this data on your computer and having to worry about backups, computer viruses or a computer crash.

This means, never having to store paper copies of TAX RETURNS.  Instead your tax returns will be automatically stored in your web-access file on our server in the cloud with copies on the Trucktax data management server.  

However, you will still have to retain your original (paper) source documents for audit records retention compliance.

To simplify this process, we have built in a unique Documents management system to allow you to easily retain your original source documents in a manner that will meet the record retention requirements of CRA in the event of an audits.

The “TruckersBooks Bookkeeping Information management and control Software System" Is further enhanced with our support and communications system.

      Toll-Free Phone: Canada/USA. (888) 456-6504

Clients can call our office Monday to Saturday. In cases where we are unable to answer a call, it goes to our voice mail. However, all calls to our voice mail will be returned within two hours.

Toll-Free Fax:  Canada/USA. 

As we strive to operate in a paperless environment, there will always be information and copies of documents that need to be delivered in their original format. To meet these occurrences, we provide a Toll-Free fax so these can be sent to us by fax 24/7.

On-Line web messaging system

To allow clients to send us a message anytime from any computer with internet access, without the need to have or use their own email account. 

With this system, clients logon to the Contact-us section of our website, check the already a client link and type the message.

We will usually send a reply by email if applicable or contact them by phone within two hours. 

The bottom-line:  

Going green with “Truckers Bookkeeping management Software System" will make our service look and feel like we are working from an office at their home.

However, to get the full benefits of a green bookkeeping and tax service system that contributes to a joint reduction in our mutual carbon footprint, you will need to make a small tax deductible investment in a set of business equipment for your home office.

Our recommendation:

A computer

A Multi-function printer, with: Fax, Copy, Scan and Print Capability

Total estimated tax deductible investment, $700.00 to $1000.00.

To complement this investment, you will need a home phone, Internet and an email address.  

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